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We purchase Land Contracts,
Deeds of Trust, and all other types of Private Mortgages for CASH.

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    We Work for YOU

                   We use our industry experience to get you the most cash possible for your contract. 

                   With over 10 years of experience in the private mortgage industry, our staff of industry experts make it easy 
                   for you to get the most for your contract.

    We Understand the Industry
                   The relationships that we have developed among our network of investors guarantees maximum cash
                   payouts every time.

                   Our knowledge of the process makes it easy for you to quickly turn your asset into cash.  We handle all of 
                   the underwriting and paperwork --all you have to do is sign for your cash.  
                   We make the transition smooth for both you and your purchaser.  In fact, nothing changes for your purchaser 
                   except the mailing address for their payments.

    We Get you the BEST PRICE for your note

                   Most importantly, we get you the most cash for your contract, we get your cash quickly, pay all closing costs,
                   and we provide professional service along the way.  

    Our Note Selling Process is Easy...

    1.   You call 1-877-935-3400 to speak with one of our Investment Analysts, or go to our Free Contract Evaluation page to submit your information online--we will gather information about the terms of your contract and your purchaser's credit.

    2.   We analyze your contract--your Investment Analyst will call you back within 24 hours with the market value of your contract (many times we can provide a quote right over the phone!) and if you decide to sell.......

    3.   We coordinate all title and appraisal work--after confirming the property value and clear title, we set up the closing for you at a title or escrow company near you!

    4.   You receive your CASH!

      Call us toll free at 1-877-935-3400
      or send us an email at
      Mortgage Funding Corporation.

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